Having confidence is your design is a fickle thing. At the start of the week I was happy with where the game was heading and I was confident that adding a new win condition and emphasizing the ‘change the terrain’-part was the right way to go. My close circle had responded well to this idea and some fellow designers liked having to balance multiple win conditions. Well, I only needed one playtest this week to have those plans ruined: the phrase ‘where do you think the fun in your game is?’ is now stuck on repeat in my head. Shout out to Andres Stiles for pointing out that having multiple win conditions was actually destroying some of the interesting choices in the game and leading players away from my intended player experience.

Confidence is fickle.

The rest of the week was banging my head against the wall, questioning my life choices, and killing off some design darlings to get back to the original vision for the game. Now the board is bigger, the alternative win condition is gone, and the game starts with players taking turns placing tiles. The few solo-tests I’ve run have been faster, more fun, and with more elegant rules. Testing today again with friends: hopefully they’ll feel the same.

The coming week will be filled with a bunch of christmas stuff, have to buy my presents and maybe get a tree. I have a new ECONBG entry ready for publication, will probably drop it tomorrow or tuesday. Last week I noticed that the exposure was modest, I think I posted to early for the americans to notice and right in the middle of the work day for most europeans. I also need to think about how I write my posts on social media as to garner more interest. Design wise I’ll just keep chipping away at the current prototype of the game when I find the time – I suspect some of the cards need reworking.

Until next time!

Daniel Olai

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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