Chipping away

I’ve run into the same problem during a few play tests: players have a hard time keeping track of abilities on cards. Many, in fact a majority, have a unique ability listed on their card. My hope was that this would have synergy and flavor to the game. Turns out: players simply forget that they have the abilities. And even if they do remember to use them it’s even harder to keep track of the abilities of your opponents units. Hence, I did what any good sculptor does – I picked up my hammer and I chipped away a large block of stone:

In the picture above you can see the change in general. Instead of having unique abilities every unit now has one of six abilities in the game. In other words, I reduced the number of abilities from something like 40 to a measly 6. Extreme, I know. I also associated each ability with a keyword and a symbol. In the picture above you can see that I translated the ability to being named “Taunt” and put a big shield next to it. The same symbol is now also visible on the unit tokens on the board (see pic below) so that players no longer have to reach across the table to pick up and opponents card to read what a specific unit can do.

Frankly, I now wish I would have thought of doing this change earlier. Games are faster, players a less confused and overloaded, they watch out for opposing players units abilities and overall: the game is better. Killing darlings is painful, yet necessary.

/Daniel Olai

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