Secure a future for your race!
In Fantasy Planet your native planet is running on fumes. Humans have squandered its riches for their own benefit and it’s too late to do anything about it. As if Old Gods had sprung back to life, a portal to another planet opens. Assume the control of one of the leaders of a re-imagined fantasy race and be the first to step through the portal to a new world. Scare of the others and lay claim to this new planet!

An early prototype on Tabletop simulator

Six unique races available for play
Eons have passed since darkness pulled back from the world. The races themselves and their societies have changed, and with the advent of technological progress the methods of war have evolved. Some clung to the old ways and scoffed at the new. Others embraced, and in some ways succumbed to, the allure of innovation. The differences between the races are reflected in the game – both thematically and mechanically. The dwarves have been taken over by a fearsome AI. The orcs lost their purpose with the death of the dark god and have instead turned to music. The dragons have become genetically diluted and can no longer fly and spit fire. The undead have replaced their withering bones with mechanical constructions made of scrap metal. The elves are a conservative bunch and haven’t really changed that much. Finally, the turtles of this world have evolved into skilled engineers – replacing their organic shells with technological wonders.

A light deck builder with grid movement on ever changing terrain

Fantasy Planet features a build-as-you-play board where players choose what terrain will populate their new home. Each race has a preferred terrain type where they are strong. The dwarves like mountains, elves the forest, and the undead have since long inhabited the deserts. As you play you’ll also have the opportunity to change the terrain mid-game for tactical advantages.

Every race has their own unique deck. At the start of the game the players only have access to unit cards, but as they explore this new world and build it according to their preference they add new cards to their decks. Cast spells, fire a cannon, construct buildings, lay traps, and equip your units. Build the most efficient deck and use the terrain to your advantage in order to win!

Number of players: 2-6

Playtime: 45-90 minutes

Recommended age: 14+

A work in progress
As of right now their is no timetable for the release of Fantasy Planet. If you want bragging rights saying that you beat a designer at his own game: please contact me! I’m always looking for play testers.