New board

Hey there, haven’t updated in a while, got busy with life and the little spare time I had got promptly sucked into Elden Ring. It’s nice to stop the design work for a while to just relax and come back with a fresh state of mind. Anyways, since […]

Chipping away

I’ve run into the same problem during a few play tests: players have a hard time keeping track of abilities on cards. Many, in fact a majority, have a unique ability listed on their card. My hope was that this would have synergy and flavor to the game. […]

Laying down too many hexes

So far the game has to a large extent been about drawing and placing individual terrain tiles. It has however been pointed out that making ~60 hexes stay in place while playing is going to be difficult once my game transitions from being exclusively digital to something more […]


Finally got to try out the game with 2+ players. Managed to convince three friends to sit down and play with me which was immensely helpful. But before all that happened I’ve been pondering a problem with the game: since it’s player elimination whoever gets eliminated is excluded […]

New year, new proto

Back at it after a much needed christmas break. The break from game design wasn’t entirely voluntary. I did a whole lot of thinking though and realized that I’m quite happy with how the game plays for two players. Therefore it’s time to try out how it works […]


Having confidence is your design is a fickle thing. At the start of the week I was happy with where the game was heading and I was confident that adding a new win condition and emphasizing the ‘change the terrain’-part was the right way to go. My close […]